Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Another original fer ya

Cowboy Dreams

Gentle flicker hypnotises
Chest and chin attract
Like magnets

The door swings open
My new boots on the planks
Like gunshots down the silent street

Matchhead flares and sputters
Newborn flame flutters precariously
Until cupped by miniature hands

The little man reaches up to my cheroot
"What did you say your name was again?"

Tongue of heat wavering nervously
Attracted to the tobacco
Yet unsure
Until I draw it in

"I didn't" I reply
And turn away
Into light



And a sore neck in the moring


dornbrau said...

Very creative, however my favorite line was in the very beginning.... 'Chest and chin attract like magnets',

sdoscher458 said...

I think you have found your style quite nicely..enjoyed this one...Sandi

dackbdimble said...

luvvin' da silent but tough type ;) ... 'n den ya woke up to da fluffy lil puppy that followed ya home, yesterday ;) ... tee hee